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Practice 'Market Visibility' Accessories
COREscore Patient Education Brochures
Great educational piece for your patients on the value of the sEMG, Thermal and HRV exam.
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Great with your CORE Tech INSIGHT Technology
(sEMG, Thermal & HRV)
COREscore PLUS Patient Education Brochure
COREscore PLUS Patient brochure communicates the value of your INSIGHT 5 Technology System.
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Have the INSIGHT 5 Tech - This is the brochure you'll want!
Brochure Bundle Package
COREscore & COREscore Plus Brochures.
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Show your members the benefits of both the COREscore and COREscore+.

COREscore Roll-up Banner
Attractive. Powerful Message. Eye-catching.
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Spine Scan Brochure
Great educational piece for your patients on the value of the sEMG and Neural Therm.

Feeling vs Function Poster
Great visual to communicate the power of the CNS.
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INSIGHT Electrode Buttons (silver)
sEMG INSIGHT Electrode Buttones (silver coated)
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INSIGHT Dynamic Adhesive
Dynamic sEMG scanning Adhesives (100 per bag)
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INSIGHT sEMG Sensors - Red, Blue, Yellow or Green
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INSIGHT Sponge Cup
sEMG dipping sponge cup.
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sEMG Smart Handles
Gold plated INSIGHT sEMG Smart Handles. Easy to use, long lasting.
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Eyebrows for Rolling Thermal
Attach easily to the front of your Rolling Thermal
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INSIGHT Foot Switch (Pedal)
INSIGHT Foot Switch for sEMG scanning.
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Special CLA Client Price


Receive information on the Top Rated Supplement in North America. (only product information provided. To order Vitalize call 973-998-8670 for special wholesale pricing).

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Vitalize - Top Rated North American Supplement

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Greens First

Greens First

Gluten free, nutrient-rich, phytonutrient & antioxidant super-food. 12 cans per case.

Price: $339.00

Drink Your Greens!
The easy and delicious way to get 15+ servings of organic fruits and veggies daily.

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